Modern Mexican with a Twist


  • Char-Grilled Corn (GF) $6

    chipotle mayo, ricotta salata & herbs

  • Fries (GF) $8

    with chipotle mayo

  • Loaded Fries $12

    marinated fetta, smoked jalapeño mayo

  • Crisps And Dips (GF) $10

    corn chips, guacamole, cactus salsa, feta

  • Loaded Crisps (GF) $13

    hand cut tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, cheese & jalapeño salsa
    - add beef $5 or chicken $5
    - add refried beans $3

  • Stuffed Jalapeños $12

    with lime mayo

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings (GF) $14

    with blue cheese

  • Tajin Spiced Fried Calamari $15

    with lime mayo


  • single taco per serve

  • Spiced Chicken (GF) $7

    chipotle, guacamole, pickled cabbage, pico

  • Slow-Cooked Beef (GF) $7

    pickled cabbage, cheese, onion jam & mayo

  • Crispy Pork Belly (GF) $7.5

    pickled vegetable, mayo, pineapple, pico & herbs

  • Fried Fish $7.5

    papaya slaw & jalapeño salsa

  • Chilli Grilled Prawn (GF) $8

    lettuce, sour cream, mango salsa & pico

  • Vego 1 (GF) $6.5

    cactus, refried beans, pico, salsa verde, feta

  • Vego 2 (V & GF) $6.5

    roasted sweet potato, zucchini, peppers, jalapeño, guacamole


  • Chicken $17

    peri peri chicken, cheese, pico & smoked jalapeño mayo

  • Vego $17

    jackfruit, roasted peppers, pico, cheese & mango salsa


  • Chipo Chicken $18

    chicken, lettuce, rice, refried beans, guacamole, pico, chipotle mayo & cheese

  • The Slow Cow $18

    slow-cooked beef brisket, rocket, guacamole, black turtle beans, sour cream, rice & jalapeño salsa

  • The Chimichurri $19

    chimichurri pulled lamb, lettuce, refried beans, onion rings, rice, char-grilled corn salsa, sour cream & smoked jalapeño mayo

  • We Found Nemo $18

    green papaya slaw, fresh fried fish, rice, pico, kewpie mayo & jalapeño

  • Jack In A Wrap $18

    pulled jackfruit, slaw, guacamole, rice, pico, cheese & chipotle mayo


  • Chicken Burger $18

    buttermilk southern fried chicken, crispy pork belly, cheese, slaw & chipotle mayo

  • Double Beef Burger $18

    two wagyu patties, tomato, onion jam, lettuce, mayo, pickle & american cheddar cheese

  • Veggie Burger $18

    veggie patty, lettuce, chipotle mayo, cheese, tomato, mango chutney, guacamole & onion rings

  • Side Of Fries $4

Grill It & Fill It

  • Char-Grilled Chicken Fajitas $25

    char-grilled chicken, peppers, onions and tomato served with guacamole, pico, sour cream, rice and beans

  • Marinated Grilled Steak Fajitas $25

    marinated steak, peppers, onions and tomato served with guacamole, pico, sour cream, rice and beans

  • La Cabra Paella $26

    chicken, prawns, mussels, diced tomato, onion, chorizo, chilli, green peas, saffron and coriander

  • Vegetable Paella $20

    mixed peppers, chilli, tomato, onion, green peas, saffron and coriander

  • BBQ Chipotle Pork Ribs $18 (S)
    $28 (L)

    served with mexican slaw and battered onion rings

  • Mexican Seafood Platter $70

    char-grilled corn, drunk mexican mussels, fish burrito, prawn tacos, chorizo tacos, fried calamari, battered onion rings, corn chips, guacamole and salsa


  • Cheese Burger $12

    beef patty, lettuce, cheese, mayo, tomato sauce

  • Fish & Chips $12

    crispy fish fillets & fries

  • Chicken Taco $10

    crumbed tenderloin, cheese, lettuce & mayo

  • Corn Chips (Dessert) $10

    with Nutella & ice cream


  • Churros $12

    with homemade dulce de leche, strawberry dust

  • Key Lime Pie $12

    homemade key lime pie

  • Chocolate Brownie (GF) $10

    with ice cream


  • guacamole $4
  • sour cream $2
  • jalapeño $1
  • smoked jalapeño mayo $1
  • chipotle mayo $1
  • warm corn tortilla $1
  • pico / salsa $2.5
  • black beans / rice $4

Daily Specials

Bottomless Brunch

  • Every Saturday and Sunday
    Time slots available: 12:00PM - 1:30PM or 2:00PM - 3:30PM
    90 minute duration only
    Choose your menu
    Choose your drink (unlimited refills)

  • Menu 1: La

    Char-Grilled Corn (GF)
    Stuffed Jalapeños
    Vego 1 Taco (GF)
    Vego Quesadilla

  • Menu 2: Cabra

    Char-Grilled Corn (GF)
    Buffalo Chicken Wings (GF)
    Fried Fish Taco
    Beef Quesadilla

  • Drinks

    House White Wine
    House Red Wine
    Dos Equis

Food Packs (Takeaway Only)

  • Fiesta De La Cabra $99

    4x Tacos (2x Fried Fish & 2x Crispy Pork Belly), 2x Burritos (Chipo Chicken, The Slow Cow or Jack In A Wrap), 1x Loaded Crisps (small), Buffalo Chicken Wings, Stuffed Jalapeños, Char-Grilled Corn, Dipping Sauces & 2x Coronas or 2x Jarritos

  • La Cabra La Casa $55

    DIY Nachos and Burritos: 1x Loaded Crisps, 4x Burritos (Chicken, Beef or Jackfruit), 2x GF Chocolate Brownies